Anthony Owen

Anthony Owen tv magician and creator of Owen is widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s most prolific and influential magical creators, producers and writers. As a performer he has appeared on over 100 UK television programmes (including four series’ as resident magician) and on the stages of theatres around the UK and in London’s west-end.

His original magical effects, routines and ideas have been featured by performers around the world and he has acted as a consultant for numerous performers and theatre and television productions.

He is also the BAFTA award-winning producer of numerous acclaimed television magic shows. He lives in North London with several decks of cards.

Anthony Owen is the BAFTA award winning producer of The Secret World of Magic, The Real Hustle, The Quick Trick Show, Monkey Magic, The Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe, Marc Paul’s Mind Games, Magick, Thomas Solomon: Escape Artist and Derren Brown’s specials and series’. He has also created material for David Copperfield, Paul Daniels, Geoffrey Durham, John Lenahan, Dominic Wood and many others.